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Release Notes

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What’s New in RealPlayer SP 1.0

New in RealPlayer SP Plus:

RealPlayer SP Plus is a free upgrade for RealPlayer 11 Plus customers.


Version 1.0.5

Version 1.0.3

Version 1.0.2

Version 1.0.1

Known Issues

Copy to Device

The Copy to Device feature only works with the devices that appear under the Copy to menu in My Library or RealPlayer Downloader.

Your cell phone needs to be set to USB Mass Storage mode in order for RealPlayer Converter to copy files to it. Most phones will require a memory card (usually an SD or Micro SD card) in order for RealPlayer to copy videos to it. See RealPlayer Converter help, your cell phone help files or user manual for instructions.


Only videos that have been downloaded with RealPlayer can be shared. These files will display a source URL in My Library in either thumbnail or list view.

Video downloading/recording

DVD/VCD Burning

DVD Playback