Burning Video Discs

With a media burner and your own blank discs (Video CD, Super Video CD, or DVD Video), you can create ("burn") a DVD or a Video CD from your own library of video clips.

Note: Super Video CD and DVD Video are RealPlayer Plus Premium Features. 

What are Video CD and Super Video CD discs?
Special system requirements

Burn a Video Disc (DVD, VCD, SVCD)

The first time you use the video burning feature, RealPlayer may prompt you to download additional software from RealNetworks. Click OK to accept the software, which must be installed before RealPlayer can access your video burning drive.

With the recordable disc in your DVD/VCD writer drive:


  1. Click the Burn/Transfer tab.
  2. The Burn/Transfer Home page opens. Select Burn a DVD/VCD from the Tasks area, or select Video (DVD/VCD) Burner from the Current Burner/Device drop-down list.
  3. Follow the steps in the left panel. Select Video CD, Super Video CD, or DVD Video from the Select Disc Type drop-down list. (Super Video CD and DVD Video are RealPlayer premium features.) Note: You will not be able to select your clips until you have selected the disc type.
  1. Locate the video clips you want to burn onto the disc. Double click on a listed category, or select a category from the drop-down menu. To search for video clips elsewhere on your computer or network, select Browse... from the drop-down menu.
  2. Drag and drop the clips you select into the DVD/VCD pane on the right, or select clips and click Add Selected to Disc.
  3. You can arrange your burn list to place the clips in any order you like. Just select a clip and drag it to a new position in the list. (Or right-click the clip and select Move Up or Move Down.)
About the burn list

Option: You can edit Menu Text. To specify the text that will identify a clip on the finished disc's navigation menu, select the clip text under DVD/VCD Menu Text, then edit it. (Or right-click the clip and select Rename, then edit it.)

  1. If you are satisfied with the clip list and menu text, click Burn Video to Disc. The "Video Burning Options" dialog opens.
  2. Enter a name or title for the disc. The default name is the first clip in your burn list.
  3. Select whether or not you want the disc to display on-screen navigation menus. If yes, enter a menu header. (Default is the Menu Text for the first clip in your burn list.) If you choose to not include a navigation menu, playback will begin immediately with the first clip in the burn list and continue through each subsequent clip on the disc.
About the Navigation Menu
Video Burning Options: Advanced Options
  1. Click Burn. Burning begins.
  2. Track the transfer progress of individual clips with the Transfer Status column in the burn list, and track the burn progress of the overall disc with the Time Elapsed/Time Remaining bar beneath the burn list. To cancel the progress and stop the burning, click Cancel Burning (formerly the Burn Video to Disc button).
  3. RealPlayer alerts you when the burn is successfully completed.


Good to Know

The maximum total duration for burnable media is 80 minutes.


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