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Sign In to Your Rhapsody Account

Sign in to your account from any authorized computer that has Rhapsody installed to have access to all of the tracks and videos that Rhapsody has to offer.

The "Sign In" dialog will open whenever you launch Rhapsody. Your sign in status appears at the bottom-left of the Rhapsody window, below the Playlists area:

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How do I sign in to Rhapsody?

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How do I sign in with a different email address?

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Why do I need to sign in?

You must be signed in to do the following:

Sign In and Your Portable Library

When you sign in, Rhapsody will synchronize My Library with your Rhapsody account and show all your Rhapsody tracks and playlists, along with the local tracks on that computer.

If you sign in to your Rhapsody account from a different computer, Rhapsody tracks that you have downloaded will appear in My Library as streams. You can choose to re-download your Rhapsody tracks at any time. To download tracks from My Library or the Mixer, select and right-click the tracks, then select Download Track(s) from the right-click menu.

Optionally, you can download to your current computer copies of tracks you previously purchased from the Music Guide on other computers, at no extra charge. (With this feature, you can maintain copies of your downloaded music on each of your authorized computers.) Just select Re-download Tracks in the My Account menu.


Note:  You must have the appropriate membership to add and download Rhapsody tracks to My Library, and for those tracks to be synchronized between computers. Rhapsody-Free accounts do not include Library synchronization, as all of the tracks in My Library are located on your hard drive and not on the Rhapsody servers.


Whether you have a paid membership or not, non-Rhapsody files (such as tracks imported from CDs, or added local files) will appear in My Library when you sign in to your Rhapsody account on the computer where the files exist, but they are not synchronized by Rhapsody. They will not appear in My Library when you sign in from another computer.

The Sign In Dialog  

You can open the "Sign In" dialog by clicking the Sign In link at the bottom-left of the Rhapsody window (see below), or from the File menu.

After you are signed in, your sign-in name will appear at the bottom-left of the Rhapsody window, and the button will read Sign Out. Click to sign out of your account, or change email addresses.  


Note: If you have selected both the Save password and Auto sign-in at startup options in the "Sign In" dialog, then you can only open the "Sign In" dialog by selecting File > Sign Out from the Rhapsody menus. then clicking the Sign In button at the bottom of the Mixer/Playlists area.

The following fields and options appear in the "Sign In" dialog:

Field or Option


What is it for?

Create New Account

Click to open a browser to the Rhapsody registration and subscription ordering web site.

Email Address

Enter the email address associated with the current account. The drop-down list will display other email addresses used to sign in to Rhapsody on that computer. To delete an old email address, simply highlight the address and press [DELETE] on your keyboard.


Enter the password for the current account (case sensitive).

Remember Password

Select to save the password for a specific email address. The saved information will be auto-inserted when you open the "Sign In" dialog and select that email address. You still need to manually sign in.

Auto sign-in...

Select to automatically open the "Sign In" dialog when you start Rhapsody, and display the email address that was most recently used. If the Remember password option is also selected, the "Sign In" procedure will continue automatically.

Forget your password?

Click to request a new password.

Sign in

Click to sign in to your Rhapsody account.


Click to use Rhapsody without signing in to your account.


Note: Some of the features mentioned above are available only with a paid membership.