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Converting Files

RealPlayer Converter can convert many files at once, convert one file into multiple formats, or save only the audio from a video file.

Each device profile has default settings designed to work well on that device. You can adjust the settings to get smaller files (to fit more onto one device) or to get the highest quality. See Viewing and Setting Device Details to learn more.

How do I convert files?

  1. There are several ways to start converting: :
  1. Review your choices.
  1. When all of the settings are to your liking, click Start.

The progress bar shows how much of the conversion batch is complete.

Information about conversion status is displayed below each file name.

When the conversion is complete, your converted files will be in the location selected under Save in.

  1. The "Conversion Complete" dialog opens. It shows a basic overview of the conversion results.

Check the box to add these converted files to your iTunes library or transfer them to a connected device. Changes made here apply to this batch only.

Click OK when you are finished.

Now what?

You can open the converted file by clicking beside the file name. You can open the containing folder by clicking folder icon.

Connect your device to your computer. RealPlayer Converter can copy files directly to many cell phones and some portable media players.

When conversion is complete, select Add converted files to iTunes. RealPlayer Converter automatically adds the converted files to your iTunes library. Use iTunes to play or transfer the files as usual. You can change this setting in Preferences.