Trim Audio

Trim a clip

  1. Select an audio clip in My Library. Click Trim in the sidebar.
  2. RealPlayer Trimmer opens your clip.
  3. Find your start and end points with one of these methods:
  4. Move the left handle to your start point and the right handle to your end point.
  5. Click Save Trim... .

Good to know

The smallest unit that can be trimmed is a key frame. The size of a key frame is determined by the content producer, not by RealPlayer Trimmer.

Click Cancel to close RealPlayer Trimmer without saving any changes.

You can trim to a section of a clip, but you cannot connect two separate sections.

You can upload trimmed video files to Facebook and YouTube. When you Share or Post to any other social media sites from RealPlayer, you are sharing a link to content that exists on the internet.

The length of the trimmed version of the clip displays just below the area between the handles.