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Media Types

In general, a media type (or "format") is a specific kind of file, such as an MP3 music file or a Flash (.flv) video file. If an application such as RealPlayer is registered as the default player for a media type, that application will open when you double-click a file of that media type. Being the default player does not mean that files cannot be played by other products, only that when you do not make a specific choice, the default product will be used automatically.

To view a complete list of file formats currently supported by your RealPlayer, open Media Types Preferences.

File Type Part of RealPlayer or works if you have common software on your computer Part of RealPlayer Plus
AAC Audio (aac, m4a) X
Audio playlist (pls, xpl) X  
AVI video (avi) X  
CD Audio (cda) X  
IVR (ivr) X  
MP3 Audio (mp3) X  
MP3 Audio playlist X  
MPA media (mpa) X  
MPEG video (mpg, mpeg, mpv) X  
MPEG media (mps m2v m1v mpe) X  
RealAudio (ra) X  
RealVideo (rv) X  
WAV (wave, wav) X  
Streaming Media Metafile (ssm) X  
MPEG-4 file (mp4 m4e m4v) X  
Windows Media Audio (wma) X  
Windows Media Video (wmv) X  
Windows Media Audio shortcut (wax) X  
Windows Media Audio file (asx asf) X  
Windows Media Audio/Video file (wm) X  
Windows Media Audio/Video shortcut (wmx) X  
Microsoft Media Server Protocol X  
QuickTime Movie (mov, qt) X  
AU audio (au) X  
AIFF audio (aif, aiff) X  
AAC for SD (acp) X  
3GPP Content (3gp) X  
3GPP2 Content (3g2) X  
DIVX Video (divx) X*  
AMR Narrow-Band Content (amr) X  
AMR Wide-Band Content (awb) X  
Qualcomm PureVoice and Enhanced (qcp) X  
Qualcomm Enhanced Variable Rate (EVRC EVR) X  
Flash Video (flv) X  
VOB (vob)   X
RealAudio Lossless X  
MP2 Audio (mp2)   X
MP1 Audio (mp1) X  
MPEG Audio (mpga) X  
MIDI audio (mid, midi, rmi) X  

*Windows XP and Vista users will need to install the DivX codec.

Universal Media Player

The RealPlayer Universal Media capability allows you to manage and play the most popular music and video media types all within one application. We recommend that you enable Universal Media capability within Media Types Preferences.

Plug-Ins and Updating

RealNetworks is constantly working to expand the abilities of RealPlayer. As you add plug-ins to RealPlayer, the list of supported media types will change. When new formats are available, RealPlayer will automatically install them when you attempt to play that type of content. Alternatively, you can manually check for new components using AutoUpdate.