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Private Mode

RealPlayer Private mode allows you to hide some of your RealPlayer activity. Private mode can help to keep another person from stumbling onto content that you choose to keep private.

You control private mode access with a PIN code. This is separate from your RealPlayer Plus 15 password.

Learn how to use Private mode

What Private mode does

When you turn on Private mode, RealPlayer:

Puts any videos you download into a hidden folder.

Allows you to mark existing clips as private and moves those files into your hidden folder.

Changes the filenames of the files in the hidden folder to random letters and numbers.

Shows your private clips in your Library.

Does not add to your recently played clips list.

Warns you when you try to do something that will not be hidden.

If you delete a clip and select Also delete... the file will skip the Recycle Bin and be permanently deleted.

When you turn off Private mode, RealPlayer:

No longer shows your private files in your Library. (Private files are still on the hard drive, but hidden.)

Clears your now playing list.

Clears your recent items list.

Clears RealPlayer Downloader.

Stops any clip that was playing and clears the Now Playing view.

What Private mode DOES NOT do

Hide what websites you have visited or your RealPlayer favorites. (This is controlled by your web browser.)

Encrypt your hidden files.

Hide photos.

Hide playlists.

Affect the Facebook Videos view of your Library.

What Private mode looks like

When Private mode is on, this Turn on Private mode turns to this Turn off Private mode.

Any hidden files are marked with a private mode icon. (In list view, the hidden files are in red text.)

Library with private mode on, hidden files are visible:

Library with private mode off, hidden files are not visible:

Learn how to use Private mode